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The Essentials Wang Wei feat op

The Essentials: Wang Wei

  Going Back to Song Mountain A clear river is like a belt in the abundance of grass and bushes. On the road are few horses and … [More]

Red-winged blackbird (Andrea Westmoreland, Wikimedia Commons) and Tudor-era arches from the ruins of Netley Abbey (Gillian Moy, Wikimedia Commons).


The sun is a Tudor arch sustaining the sky. In a moment it will fall. Blackbirds with crimson suns on their wings squawk in protest, and … [More]

Ida feat

Untainted by Suffering

Ida (directed by Paweł Pawlikowski, 2014) This black-and-white film, austere and beautiful, is set in Poland during the early 1960s, … [More]

A Summer's Tale feat

A Summer’s Tale

This 1996 film was not released in the United States until 2014. By the time the late Éric Rohmer made it, his dialogue-driven epiphanies, … [More]

The Essentials Emily Dickinson feat op

The Essentials: Emily Dickinson

“The Essentials” is an occasional selection of writings that I admire. It is meant to be a kind of spectral literary anthology, what I would … [More]

On Tattoo feat

On “Tattoo”

  Tattoo The light is like a spider. It crawls over the water. It crawls over the edges of the snow. It crawls under your … [More]