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Red-winged blackbird (Andrea Westmoreland, Wikimedia Commons) and Tudor-era arches from the ruins of Netley Abbey (Gillian Moy, Wikimedia Commons).


The sun is a Tudor arch sustaining the sky. In a moment it will fall. Blackbirds with crimson suns on their wings squawk in protest, and … [More]

Ambient Life feat op

Ambient Life

You have invited some friends over for dinner, and each of them has brought along one or two friends, who each brought one or two more, … [More]

Divine Fire feat

Divine Fire

“No more apocalypses!” the fanatics never cry. Extinction is bliss for those who resent human life. We mocked the fizzle of New Year’s … [More]

The Death of the Family Poem feat op

The Death of the Family Poem

If I built a stone wall, if I rebuilt a pre-modern wall rebuilt for millennia, if my fingertips bled from asperities exposed by capillary … [More]

On Being Asked What's New featured1

On Being Asked What’s New

Nothing’s new anymore. The vellum of a face on which is written, “Forty years, half a century.” I know that the volcano Laki caused a … [More]

On Tattoo feat

On “Tattoo”

  Tattoo The light is like a spider. It crawls over the water. It crawls over the edges of the snow. It crawls under your … [More]

The Essentials Wang Wei feat op

The Essentials: Wang Wei

  Going Back to Song Mountain A clear river is like a belt in the abundance of grass and bushes. On the road are few horses and … [More]